We Believe in Data Transparency

Our Mission

For every business, data has become as important as human capital, financial capital, or natural resources. We call it "Data Capital", an ever-growing asset that should be exchanged fairly to create a comparative advantage. However, while it’s getting easier to get access to open data, finding and buying commercial data has remained notoriously difficult.

Our mission is to democratize access to commercial datasets, making it easier than ever to buy and monetize data. Our powerful Data Commerce Cloud (DCC) helps data providers create delightful data shopping experiences for their prospects and customers.

About Us

Serving Customers in Telecommunications Around the World Since 2020.

Our goals are to provide high quality phone lists, easy to use software, friendly and competent support service, and incredible value. We’ve sold our products in every state in the USA, and in 98 countries on every continent, except Antarctica.

B2C-Lead.com is an A+ rated member of the Singapore Better Business Bureau.

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